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Mentorship programs for your students

Add mentorship programs to your student offers to give them the opportunity to learn from high-level professionals around the world and from any industry. 

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1,000+ Mentors

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Choose the right program for your students, add it to your offerings and watch people from all backgrounds thrive in their career.


Our popular six-week program is an excellent opportunity for participants gain clarity on their career or business with insight that has benefited over 1,000 Mentees. Beginning on scheduled start dates, this program combines private mentoring online with structured material, community and connection.

Program start dates:

November 13th- December 22nd  2023


January 15th - February 23rd 2024

March 18th - April 26th 2024

June 10th - July 19th 2024


September 23rd- 1st November 2024

November 11th - 20th December 2024


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Qualified Mentors from all industries

The Mentors on our programs are all completely vetted and include high-level professionals from all industries, career coaches, leadership experts, business owners, entrepreneurs and many more. We have a 98% effective rate on all our matches and if your student wants to change Mentors, this can be done in as quickly as 48 hours.

This type of mentorship is different, here's why:

There's a reason our mentorship program has worked so well to date. Our Mentees and Mentors can enjoy programs that are structured with weekly or monthly material and supported by a community of equally ambitious people. Mentors join us from all around the world to help students thrive in their careers and get a sense of where their journey might lead them. 

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Data to back it up

Our applications are 100% confidential between Mentees, Mentors and our company, and we are completely GDPR compliant. Through our Matching techniques, program material and follow-up Mentor All can provide your company with the results of our program. This means, you can better sell your programs with the promise of results through mentorship 


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Hear It from Our Customers

"I have been so lucky to have experienced this incredible business as both a mentor and a mentee. Both experiences were equally brilliant. I have just completed six weeks with the most inspirational mentor; she guided, advised, listened and was the perfect sounding board around challenges I couldn't get past in my business. For me, working as a consultant, it was invaluable to have a mentor from a similar industry to run things by and bounce ideas off; it was so cathartic and really helped me to see things with a fresh perspective. I have never had a mentor in any role in my 22-year career, and it is painfully lacking in small and medium businesses but so needed. I can already see the merits, even after six sessions. No matter what stage or age you are at, you need a champion in your corner to listen, help, advise, and just be there for you when you have to make challenging decisions to progress and grow in your career."

Sive O'Brien, Communications Consultant

Why add our programs to your offers?

Attract more people to your programs

Helps inspire students in their career

Make industry 

information accessible 

We'll look after everything for your students

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