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Learn more about Mentor All, how we started and how it's going...

How we started and where we are


We were founded


When we launched Mentor Her


When we became a global program


When we launched Mentor All

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It actually started

with a student travel agency...

After she graduated in 2015, our founder Katie went travelling and worked odd jobs all over the world from Amsterdam to Kyoto, Bangkok to Philadelphia taking up tasks from toilet cleaner to receptionist, video-grapher to social media manager. When she returned to Ireland in 2017, she decided to start her own business- a travel agency (little did she know what she was getting herself into!) After a year working to get her travel agent license, Katie knew she needed a Mentor but couldn't find one to help her business grow. So instead she struggled along in her business until the end of 2019 when the business took off! Focused on student travel groups across the UK and Europe, at the start of 2020, "Capture Travel" had over 200 students travelling every week. Then, the travel industry got knocked to its knees and with it, Katie's first business waited and waited for the world to restart so they could start sending groups abroad once more... 

then, a pivot 

to Mentorship

It was about two weeks into lockdowns in 2020 when Katie was about to go stir mad and went back to that idea of mentorship that she needed at the start of her entrepreneurship journey. As a side hobby, Katie started a program and a new company to go alongside it called "Mentor Her". This is the company where we founded our six-week program, where we realised there are Mentors out there that really want to help and that there are easier ways to find Mentors online. After two months, she realised there was something to the idea and by early 2021 a revenue model was set up. It was going so well that she decided to work on it full time and closed down her travel agency in early 2022. 

In 2023, Mentor Her realised that this program deserves to benefit as many people as possible and more than any other demographic, students are the ones that need to be inspired and motivated in their careers. 

Mentor All was formed in April of 2023 and is now looking for partners worldwide.

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