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Mentor All's programs are designed to motivate students, give them real insight into the industries they're interested in, and to propel their careers forward. We harness the experience and success of leaders who manage teams from large multinationals to thriving start-ups, across many different professions and hundreds of industries to give students the opportunity to learn.


Our programs are perfectly designed to fit into your current offerings for students who are travelling abroad on placements, taking up internships or needing an extra bit of support during or after the school year. Our programs are open to any type of student from any industry and with no age limits.

6-Week Program

On our award-winning six-week program students will be matched with a Mentor hand-matched for them in their industry of interest, who they meet with confidentially once a week for one hour, supported by weekly material, networking calls and workshops.

This program takes place online and has scheduled start dates throughout the year, find out more by downloading our proposal. 

3-Month Program

On Mentor All's three month program, students will be matched with a Mentor who they meet with confidentially once a month for one hour, supported by monthly material, networking calls and workshops.

Unlike our six-week program, students can start this program at anytime and can get matched with a Mentor as quickly as one week.

Mentorship Day

If your students are looking for a taster of what Mentorship can do for them, or for a great activity in- country, book a Mentorship Day with us.

On this morning or afternoon activity, students will learn from an expert on a topic of your choice to help them develop their own careers or inspire them to pursue new opportunities. This day can take place in-person or online.

Company Visit

Do your students want to learn how a company operates behind the scenes? Book a company visit with Mentor All and your students can tour the behind the scenes of some of the most impressive companies in the world. From food manufactures like Kelloggs to tech companies like LinkedIn, students will learn from a department head about what really goes on in some of the world's biggest brands.


Benefits of our Mentorship Programs

Networking & Workshops

As part of our six-week and three-month programs, Mentees and Mentors are invited to join live Q&As online with leading men and women in business alongside workshops on key topics from career resilience, motivational speeches and leadership qualities. All of our program participants get as much out of these workshops as they do from their Mentor match. Alongside this, participants are invited to network with each other on Zoom calls held throughout the year alongside 4 in-person events in Dublin and London.

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Other Benefits 

And if that's not enough- there's more! Students can also benefit from our group chats where they can share their LinkedIn profiles to connect with other ambitious students and decision-makers. At the end of the program, each student will get a certificate of completion from Mentor All to use on their resumes and professional profiles. And, most importantly, Mentees and their families, Mentors, our suppliers and program partners can all rest assured that our support team will take care of any issues that arise during our programs.

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A Mentor in their Industry

On our programs, Mentees meet their hand-matched Mentor once a week or once a month for one hour online. We have a 98% effective rate with our matches and use our over 30,000+ followers on social media to find the right Mentors if we find we're short the perfect match for your students. Whatever the industry, whatever their level, Mentor All will find the perfect Mentor panels to suit your student groups. We source Mentors from the largest international corporations, seasoned entrepreneurs and career and executive coaches.

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Weekly/Monthly Material

Every week on our six-week program and every month on our three-month program we give Mentees and Mentors topics to discuss in their meetings, which they can chose to follow or rather work on something more specific. These categories are split into three groups: Beginning Careers (for students who have never worked, looking for insight into the industry of their interest), Growing Careers (for students who want to grow their career after graduation or during a Masters) and Leading Careers (for students who have career experience but are looking for that next step).

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Mentorship Day

If your students are looking for a taster of what Mentorship can do for them, or for a great activity in- country, book a Mentorship Day with Mentor All.

On this morning or afternoon activity that can be organised in a city of your choice, students will engage in a workshop delivered by an expert on a pre-arranged topic of your choice to help them develop their careers with key-takeaways. 

Our workshops are led by accredited and expert coaches in areas of career, leadership, management and people skills. Students will leave feeling motivated about their careers, with key take-aways and workbooks for future use.

This day also includes refreshment, venue hire and workbooks.

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Compan Visit
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Company Visits

Do your students need to better understand how medium and large companies operate on day by day basis?


Book a company visit to help your students learn how team leaders manage teams and large departments, how these departments interact with one another, the day-by-day schedule for large companies, effective leadership, time management and much, much more.


Depending on availability, options include companies like: Kellogg's, LinkedIn, RTE, Intel, Deloitte and more- through our network of over 1000 Mentors we can easily find a company to suit your group.

Become a Partner today

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